Bar Diameter ø 5.0mm~ø 65mm
High loading speed, specially developed design.
No special requirements or restrictions on material straightness.
Accommodate raw bars.
Lathe spindle speed can be maximized.
Material can be round, hexagonal and shaped.
Large magazine loading capacity reduces bar supply frequency.
Easy to operate and maintain, small footprint.
Various parameter setting, alarm detection and function display.
Model : V65E

Type V-65E V-65LE

Bar Diameter ø13/64"~ø2-9/16" ø5mm~ø65mm

Bar Length max.48"/1200mm max.60"/1500mm

Spindle Height 36-7/32"~51-1/8" 920mm~1300mm


Type V-65E V-65LE
Magazine Capacity 25-5/8" ø2-9/16" x 10(bar) 650mm ø65mmx10(bar)
Weight 463 Lbs / 210kgs 551 Lbs / 240kgs
Air Supply 5~7 kg/cm2 5~7 kg/cm2
Power Supply 1Phase 200~240VAC 2A 50/60 HZ 1Phase 200~240VAC 2A 50/60 HZ
Pusher Rods(3-standard) 15/64"~1/2"~3/4" 6mm~12.7mm~19mm

Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Smooth horizontal bar loading provides excellent efficiency and durability. Material is presented up to spindle centerline.

Easy to adjust size of material for convenience.
Economizes time and labor without any tools.

Employs PLC controller.Touch screen digital interface with LCD display.Adjustable faceplate conforms for operators to use.Various settings of functions and parameters.Alarm display for troubleshooting problems.。

Quick and accurate adjustment of centerline height depends on different diameters.Dual scale measurement.

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