PRO-80 is an Automatic Bar Loading Magazine for processing bar in diameter range of 6~180mm and in lengths up to 1600mm on CNC lathes.
Unique design to reduce noise and vibration.Allowed high speed machining.
Brand new program deliver fast set-up and more sophisticated demands.
Remote control and monitoring system offer immediate troubleshooting and data collecting.(Optional)
Model : PRO-80

Model PRO-80
Bar Diameter 6mm(23.7"")-80mm(314.9"") Applicable range for square/hex
Bar Length 152mm(6"")-1600mm(62.6"") Bar Length Depends on Spindle Length
Center Line Height 950mm(38")-1350mm(53.1")
Bar Pusher ø6(6~15mm) , ø10(16~27mm) , ø19(28~80mm)
Automatic Cycel Reload Time 22(sec)
Power Supply 220VAC 50/60Hz
Rack Capacity 700mm(27.56") ø6=109 , ø80=8
X&Y Axial Track Travel (option) 740mm(29.13")
Weight 410kg(904lbs)


Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


The bar is loaded by servo motor and toothed belt into lathe's spindle.
Provide accurate feed position.

700mm capacity store up to 109 bars(6mm).
Extension mechanism design for easy loading to avoid hazard.

Brand new technology augmenting with Ethernet connectivity,built-in cybersecurity and
multi-functional programming.

Enhance loading efficiency and durability.
Precisely push the material to spindle centerline.

Allows for easier spindle liner changes as well as maintenance access to the back.
Tracks include spindle liner storage and folds up to enhance storage and eliminate tripping hazards when not in use.

Multi-language human machine interface setting and function display.
Display the alarm messages for convenient troubleshooting.
Remote control box for easier operation.

Magazine can be adjusted into different angle.

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