UNIQUE 112, the small-diameter Bar Feeder,was developed for fixed-headstock CNC Lathe, has widely gained attention after TIMTOS;it is specially ideal for producing small precision parts, such as watch parts, electronic parts and so on.

Standard features such as :Clamping cutter in-feed device, Multi-function PLC control,Multi-language HMI, servomotordrive and Macromolecular abrasion guide channel.

Additionally, there are extra features like :

  1. Spiral workpiece infeed system that requires no further adjustment when changing bar sizes.
  2. Synchronization device (optional) and Telescopic front nose (optional) are attached to work with Sliding-headstock Lathes.
  3. Anti-vibration device: Clamping anti-vibration, easy to change without any adjustments. Minimizes vibration and noise effectively so as to enhance rpm.

To get more information about UNIQUE 112, please visit official website for specifications and features or contact our global sales agencies to ask for a quotation.