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With the increase of labor costs and the small number of automation targets of Industry 4.0, most automation companies have begun to develop diversified horizontal integration business. Most of the machine manufacturers will integrate multi-axis machine tools and rudder complexes. The direction is developing, especially the main players in the development of aerospace and automobile manufacturing.

However, some operators will directly introduce foreign high-performance robotic arm brands into Taiwan, which will not only immediately increase the proportion of customer line automation, but also assist customers in high-precision, multi-work, multi-angle, high-load equivalent energy. Requirements for welding, assembly, polishing, handling, etc.

Miluo Machinery Co., Ltd. Taiwan Headquarters is a professional automatic bar feeder manufacturer. The products are mainly equipped with multi-function lathes, such as CNC-type CNC lathes, CNC CNC lathes and CAM cam automatic lathes. Miluo Machinery was established in 2001 and its team members have many years of professional and practical experience.

With PRO's own brand and as an ODM supplier, Miluo has marketed its products to markets in the US, South Korea, China, Brazil, Germany and Europe. In 2015, the Robotics Division was set up to be responsible for related business work, and actively contacted the Italian Coma robot to hope to introduce this brand into the Taiwan market. In November 2016, it officially signed the contract to become the general agent of Taiwan's Coma robot. In addition to operating the Taiwan market, and will provide related education and training as well as maintenance and other services.

Cocos (COnsorsio MAcchine Utensili; Comau), a multinational company in Italy, headquartered in Dulin, Italy, is a subsidiary of the Fiat Group and is 100% owned by Fiat. Comau is a comprehensive group of 20 companies that develops and manufactures in process automation, manufacturing and service solutions, with a particular focus on welding robots.

Founded in 1973, Comau currently has 32 different operations centers, 17 manufacturing plants and 5 R&D centers worldwide. It has more than 15,000 employees in 17 different countries - Italy, Russia, China, India, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Romania, Poland, Germany, France, the United States and the United Kingdom. Comau Global currently has more than 100 patents for major automotive manufacturers around the world.

Comma Robots has been engaged in high-quality industrial robots since 1978 and currently has a wide product portfolio with robots ranging from 4 to 6 axes and payloads ranging from 3 kg to 650 kg. The Comau robot has been certified by the automotive industry for more than 40 years. The Comau robot is a high-quality, high-performance industrial robot. In the Comau robot family, several designs are quite distinctive.

NJ60-2.2 offset robot

NJ60-2.2 offset, this is a 60 kg payload, 2,200 mm wingspan, 6-axis industrial robot. Using the Italian Lafat motor with the Japanese HDS (Harmonic Drive Systems) reducer, the controller is produced with the Austrian B&R and the unique mechanical design and 3D motion technology of Comau. A unique robot.

The biggest feature of the robot is that the 4, 5, and 6 axes have an angle of motion of +/- 2700 degrees, and the axis of the sixth axis is parallel to the axis of the fourth axis. This design is to reduce the singularities generated by the robot during operation. Reducing the generation of singular points can make the process more perfect and accelerate the production cycle. This robot is ideal for applications such as grinding, polishing, deburring and more.

Racer7-1.4 plus robot

The Racer7-1.4 plus is a small 6-axis robot. With a payload of 7 kg and a wingspan of 1,436 mm, the avant-garde body design comes from the creation of Ferrari. Excellent speed and strength, coupled with a solid casting body (180 kg net weight), showing perfect precision and rigidity, is a robot with high C/P value.

The application of this robot is very diverse, such as welding, assembly, disassembly, dispensing, dispensing, handling, packaging, machine loading, polishing, polishing, etc.


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